The association for the transmission of cistercian culture arccis

As the birth place of the Cistercian family, the Abbey of Cîteaux houses the secretariat for the Association for the Transmission of Cistercian Culture, composed primarily of members of the Cistercian family. This association seeks to transmit the treasures of Cistercian culture to today’s world. In particular through editions of works, the setting up of a journal Cistercian Links and the organization of meetings with those who are concerned to respectfully pass on the Cistercian patrimony.

Besides, as numerous researchers are interested in the Cistercian patrimony in its various forms (monuments, history, spirituality, liturgy, economy... ), the association has undertaken the charge of classifying an abundance of documents in the European Center for the Transmission of Cistercian Culture which is also housed at the Abbey of Cîteaux.

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