Adventurers of Happiness

Discover monastic life from 18 to 35 years old

citeaux aventuriers


Explorer of happiness,
listen to your heart…

You are at a moment in your life when you want to take a step back for various reasons:
In order to reflect on the meaning of your existence, perhaps you have some choices to make.
In order to deepen your Christian faith.
In order to discover your place in society, your vocation within the Church.
In order to experience a spiritual dimension that will give you a different outlook on the world and on people.
In order to deepen what prayer is.
In order to discover the monastic life that attracts you, but which also seems mysterious to you.
Or, quite simply, you would like to live near a community to help out.

We offer a retreat for young people from 18 to 35 years old. A week to live the basics of monastic life in a community of brothers:

  • to seek God with others
  • to participate in the monastic rhythm of liturgical prayer
  • to receive instruction in lectio divina with the brothers
  • to have a time of fraternal sharing on the word of God
  • to meet with a brother to share your questions with him
  • to join silence and communion in prayer
  • to do daily manual work

It is an opportunity to have an experience that has been tested, to be confronted with it and to let it question you, to find some pathways and some answers. . .  In brief, to have a vivid experience, a chance to deepen your faith and your life. You can also use this time to meet with a brother and to share what you hold in your heart, your difficulties, your joys, your questions.

Retreats are held in the monastery guest house, for 6 days during which we offer a shared experience of discoveries. It is not a vocational retreat. We have seen people engaged to be married who had the desire to know more and who were surprised and happy to note that the search for God, which is as radical as the monastic life, is also a search for love and happiness.

 Each day:

  • morning prayer, lectio divina, teaching
  • afternoon, manual work and time together
  • offices with the community
  • silent conviviality of meals…
  • Discovery of liturgical prayer, silent prayer and a personal relationship with Christ within a community of prayer
  • Initiation to Lectio Divina where reading the Word of God nourishes faith
  • Experience of manual work as a source of balance: relaxation and a place of prayer
  • Fraternal life in community, yet also personal interior life

All of this in an atmosphere of silence and recollection, with the accompaniment and teaching of several brothers of the Community and two lay people, a man and a woman, who know our monastic life well and are also able to answer your questions.

The days will be well filled, leaving some free time, with a certain monastic rhythm that allows everyone to get their bearings. You will be able to benefit from the lovely setting of the abbey which is favorable to peace of heart and spirit. Bring clothing that is durable and a change of shoes, something to take notes and a Bible (if you do not have one, you will be able to find one here).

Practical information

Next retreats :

  • from 28 december 2019 to 3 january 2020
  • from 23 to 29 august 2021
  • from 26 october to 1st november 2021
  • from 27 december 2021 to 2 january 2022

Registrations :

Students and unemployed : 150€ for the week
Employed: from 150 to 240€ for the week, each one according to his possibilities.
If you have difficulties, please speak about them when you register.

Lodging and meals:
They will be in the guest house (individual rooms)
Please bring clothes and shoes for work.


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