Meditation for prayer

Meditation on mutual love

What is it then to love each other if not what makes me say to the one I love: we both share it. But if I love you without your loving me, or if you love me without my loving you, there is no question of mutual love yet, since it is not shared by one and the other. Mutual love is shared, it cannot be deprived of the sharing of love. Mutual, it must also be continual, otherwise the bond of peace, the knot of love could not exist. It is continual one who has the truth as its basis, which is not broken by hatred and suspicion, which is always cultivated, nourished by reciprocal consideration and mutual support; to prevent it from getting lost, it is guarded with care and caution, it is not tarnished by any concealment. This charity belongs to those who truly love one another in Christ, not in word nor tongue, but in reality, and truth. This charity, Christ imprints it deeply, sinks it, inscribes it in our hearts, when He says: " This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you” (John 15:12).    

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